Last year, we achieved Visit England's ‘We’re good to go’ accreditation. It is the official UK mark to signal that our park has worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19  guidelines and has processes in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing, and we will continue to follow and monitor the latest Government and hospitality guidelines for as long as needed.

The Government’s recent roadmap, permits us to open from Step 2 (April the 12th). We are expecting our COVID-19 safety measures, or variations of it, to continue until Step 4 ( June the 21st) the earliest date when the lifting of restrictions may be possible. As we proceed through Step 1 to Step 4 some measures may be relaxed if permitted, or even tightened, but we will always comply with current Government guidelines and provide Guests with a pre stay email/letter detailing how COVID-19 may affect their holiday depending which ‘Step‘ we are in (extra cleaning measures, bubbles, rule of 6, check in time etc.).

We have COVID-19 specific risk assessments, to reduce the risk of transmission as far as is reasonably possible. How these risk assessments have been implemented and how this may impact upon your stay are detailed below. We will continue to communicate COVID-19 updates as best we can, via emails and our social media.


COVID-19 Terms and conditions

Please note that COVID-19  guidelines are subject to HM UK Government review. 

All Guests (and any visitors) to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park must comply with the law/Government restrictions, even if you have been vaccinated. We will provide guidance and advice, however it is the Guests responsibility to act within the law.

We will endeavour to contact you if we believe a COVID-19 restriction effects your booking, but it is also the Guests responsibility to inform us that their booking/ travelling to us would be unlawful or against Government advice.

Up to date Government guidelines can be found here:-


COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

If COVID-19 prevents Guests from taking their holiday with us, or if we need to cancel your booking with us due to following COVID-19 legal restrictions – you will be provided with the following options:

  • You can postpone your booking with us and move your booking to another date in the 2021/2022 season.

  • You can have a refund.

  • Part refunds will be provided, in the event you are asked to return home to isolate, minus any costs we cannot redeem.

  • We will not charge any fees for rearranging bookings, due to COVID-19 

Bookings that are postponed/moved - any price differences will be increased or reduced as per our tariff.

Where it is appropriate, we may ask for proof that you are unable to stay if you are cancelling within 14 days of arrival, due to COVID-19.

Cancellations not due to COVID-19 will be treated as per our normal cancelation policy.

When large numbers of bookings are needed to be reorganised/refunded we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and prioritise as needed.


Enhanced cleaning

All caravans have a specific COVID-19 cleaning plan for our cleaning team to follow. First we thoroughly clean -  hoover, wash floors, wipe every surface and touch points, wash every piece of cutlery etc. Once cleaned, the caravan is checked, and it is then fogged in virucidal mist covering soft furnishings, carpets, walls and ceilings and left to dry. All cleaning staff wear the appropriate PPE and sanitise their hands as needed. We leave a signed cleaning check list within each caravan. No one enters the caravan again after it is fogged.

Our check in time and departure time may be changed in order to give us enough time to complete the necessary cleaning and disinfecting.

Check in time will be confirmed on your pre stay email and will be no later than 6pm, departure time no earlier than 9.30 am.

To help us clean, some non-essential items may be removed from the caravans.

The ‘pull out beds’ (within the lounge area of some models) are not in use.

If you have requested linen from us , it may be provided pre packed in a polythene bag, for safety it is best practice for you to open it and make the beds.


Social distancing

We have risk assessed to minimise person to person contact wherever possible, and Guests will be asked to follow all signage displayed around the Park.

We will only enter the caravans for an important maintenance issue.

Guests will be asked to maintain social distancing as per current government guidelines/roadmap especially when mixing with others outside of their household or bubble.

Current advice for overnight stays will be strictly adhered to.

Apologies, but visitors, may not be allowed to visit the park, depending on current guidelines.

Please take care to remind children about social distancing, we appreciate how hard this is as we have children ourselves. Please also remind them not to touch the hand sanitisers around the Park, unless they are with an adult.

For now, Reception will remain closed, as it is part of our home. We still welcome guests personally on arrival, but it will be done in our main carpark with guests remaining in their cars. When guests need Reception, they are to follow the Reception signage or our contact details are available in the caravans for guests to speak to us over the phone.


Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser will be available at various points around the park, please use it where instructed. Please follow the guidance displayed on our hand sanitising posters.


Shared facilities

When permitted to be used, the shared facilities (Reception, laundry room, Park hut and Swimming Pool) have been risk assessed, with a cleaning plan and cleaning checklists displayed. Hand sanitiser, and antibacterial wipes are available at all shared areas. We also ensure shared facilities are kept well ventilated and have appropriate signage in place regarding social distancing measures and when the wearing of face masks is mandatory. The Park Hut resources may not be available, but sealed tourist information packs are provided in the caravans.


Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is expected to open, from 29th of May with COVID-19 precautions.

The swimming pool will be used by one household/caravan only with pre-booked timeslots (booked on the park, after arrival).  

Sorry, but no visitors can use the pool.

Even though we have extended the opening hours of the swimming pool, it may not be possible to swim every day.

We will ensure the pool is reserved fairly and ask Guests to follow the booking system on site.

Swimming pool Terms & Conditions will be provided within the caravan.


What if someone develops COVID-19 symptoms, whilst staying with you?

If anyone develops symptoms whilst at Mount’s Bay Caravan Park, or is instructed to self-isolate whilst staying with us, you must inform us immediately. We would ask that you travel home and seek/follow the latest Government advice.

If the Guest cannot travel home (advised to stay, for example) they will need to strictly self-isolate within the caravan with all other members of their caravan until they have been tested, or their quarantine period is over. We will endeavour to assist you where we reasonably can, whilst maintaining our own safety and the safety of our other Guests.

Guests would need to pay for their extended stay – we are sorry, but we would not be able to cover the cost ourselves. We will charge the nightly rate for each additional night stayed, due to self-isolating. If we need to cancel an onward booking due to an extended stay we will also need to have this loss compensated.

Information on what to do in the event of someone developing COVID-19 symptoms whilst staying with us is within each caravan and we will keep an up to date action plan for this event.

If a guest develops COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days of departure with us they are required to inform us.


NHS Test and Trace

Last year, we were asked to support NHS Test and Trace. We will support this service if instructed this year.

NHS Test and Trace requires the names and contact details of persons staying. This information is kept confidentially and securely. It is then destroyed after 21 days. It is only shared with NHS Test and Trace if we are instructed to do so.


Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards Elliot smith.

Updated 02/03/21