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Our Terms & Conditions


It is advised that all guests take the time to read our full terms and conditions listed below as by booking a holiday with Mount’s Bay Caravan Park you are agreeing to the full list of terms including those for the use of the swimming pool.



Mount’s Bay Caravan Park - Full Terms and Conditions.


When the following words are used here is their meaning:

Mount’s Bay Caravan Park, We, Us, Our, Proprietors: refers to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park, Green Lane, Marazion.TR17 0HQ and its proprietors Aidan Smith and Elliot Smith. Guest/s, Party, You, Your: refers to the person making the booking and the people with them who will be staying in the caravan accommodation and using the facilities at Mount’s Bay Caravan Park. Visitors: refers to any person who may be permitted to visit our guests on the Park or within the caravans. Park, Caravan Park: refers to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park. Caravans: refers to the caravan accommodation at Mount’s Bay Caravan Park. Reception: refers to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park’s Reception. Laundry room: refers to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park’s private self-service laundry room. Swimming Pool: refers to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park’s private outdoor swimming pool. Car Park: refers to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park’s private car park. Facilities: refers to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park’s - Reception, Car Park, Laundry room, Swimming Pool and Park Hut.


  • The proprietors will not accept responsibility for any incident occurring within Mount’s Bay Caravan Park that results in any guest or visitor suffering personal injury, fatality, loss/ damage of personal possessions via an event that did not occur through direct negligence of the proprietor.

  • The lead booking guest must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the booking.

  • The booking will not come in to force until we have issued a receipt.

  • A non- refundable booking deposit of £100 per week, per caravan is required within 72 hrs of booking to secure the booking, along with a completed booking form.

  • Failure to provide the booking deposit within 72 hrs may result in your booking being cancelled, without further notice.

  • The balance of your holiday must be paid for 10 weeks prior to your arrival date. Failure to comply with this will result in your booking being automatically cancelled without further notice and the caravan re-let. Reminders are not sent.

  • Bookings made within 10 weeks of your arrival date require full payment of the holiday at the time of booking.

  • You are responsible for checking the details of your receipt - including the date of when the balance is due. If any details on the receipt are incorrect you are to notify us as soon as possible.

  • Both the booking deposit (£100 per week, per caravan) and the Mount’s Bay Caravan Park Holiday Cancellation Plan (£50 per week, per caravan) are always non-refundable

  • Mount’s Bay Caravan Park Holiday Cancellation Plan can only be opted for , and paid for, at the initial time of booking a holiday with us, refer to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park, Holiday Cancellation Plan - Full Terms and conditions for further details. We strongly recommend guests take out a holiday cancellation plan either with us or independent from us, to protect themselves in the event of having to cancel their holiday. We also recommend health insurance.

  • We do not accept holiday balances to be paid for in instalments. 

  • Methods of payments we accept: debit cards or bank transfers. (For bank transfers please use surname and date staying as reference). Bank transfer is the preferred payment method. Cheques may be refused or an administration fee may be charged at the managements discretion.

  • We reserve the right to decline a booking.   

  • All bookings are on a first come first served basis, we will endeavour to reserve a guest’s preferred caravan but it may not always be possible.

  • In the unlikely event we are no longer able to offer the accommodation you have booked. We will provide accommodation which is the same as or better than the accommodation originally booked. If the replacement accommodation is less expensive than originally booked, the price difference will be refunded.

  • Limited early check in at 12:30pm is available at a cost of £50.  Otherwise check in is strictly between 5pm and 7pm.

  • If any guest is unable to stay for the total amount of nights booked and paid for, and the reason is not due to the negligence of Mount’s Bay Caravan Park, we will not offer any refund or part refund. This includes bad weather conditions, for health reasons or personal injury.


Arrival and departure

  • Check in time is from 5pm until  7pm on the agreed day of arrival; please arrive at Reception where we will be ready to welcome you.

  • (The car park is available for guests to use prior to check in, should they arrive before 5pm).

  • Caravans will not be occupied prior to 5pm and must be claimed before 7pm unless prior arrangement has been made, in line with our quiet hours policy we do not accept arrivals after 10:00pm. A friend or relative staying or living locally cannot check in on your behalf, nor can anyone already staying at the Park already, It has to be a named person on the booking form.

  • Unclaimed caravans will be re-let, unless a late check in has been arranged.

  • Departure is no later than 9:30am on the agreed day of departure.

  • Caravans must be left clean and tidy. We reserve the right to invoice any guest for any late departure, excessive cleaning required or for any cost incurred due to any damage to the caravan, any of its contents, or to any of the facilities.

  • On departure any keys and parking permit (if issued) must be handed into Reception, or posted through the letter box.


Accommodation and Park


  • Repossession of the caravan/s will be taken without prior warning or compensation offered if any guest or visitor misuses the facilities, caravans or disturbs any other guest in an unreasonable and prolonged manner.  

  • All guests and visitors are not permitted to bring any pets to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park or to our car park under any circumstances. Assistance dogs are welcome by prior arrangement.

  • All caravans have a maximum occupancy of 4 persons only –  including babies, children and any overnight guests.

  • Overnight guest/s, are permitted so long as the caravan occupancy does not exceed 4 persons and they are included on the booking form.

  • On your booking form you must provide us with the names, ages and addresses of all guests intending to occupy the caravan.

  • Only those persons named on the booking form may use Mount’s Bay Caravan Park facilities. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person not included on the booking form. 

  • Once a booking form has been submitted and accepted by us (receipt issued) you are not permitted to change your booking form or make any amendments without informing us prior to your arrival. This includes transferring it to another person, removing and then adding persons to the booking form. 

  • Mount’s bay Caravan Park operates quiet hours from  10.00pm until 8.00am. All guests and visitors are to observe these hours by keeping excessive noise to a minimum.

  • All caravans are non-smoking; smoking in the caravan will result in a £250 fine.

  • Guests are required to bring their own bed linen unless hired from us. Linen is charged at £12 per double and £10 per single.

  • Guests are required to bring their own towels. No T- towels, hand towels, bath mats, or towels for the pool or showering are provided.

  • All caravans have 2 bedrooms: one double and one twin bedroom.  Not all models have the option to use the lounge area as a sleeping area. Many models do not have a ‘roll out’ bed in the lounge of the caravans. No bedding is provided for the roll out bed. Please contact us if you want to use the lounge area for sleeping and we will advise you further regarding the most suitable model.

  • Travel cots, high chairs and bed rails for toddlers are available to hire as required. Charges apply; see booking form for further details.

  • Any accidental damage within the caravan or to any of its contents must be reported as soon as possible, not on departure.

  • Under 18’s must be supervised at all times, especially whilst playing on the Caravan Park. No under 18’s are to be left unsupervised within the caravans at any time.

  • All ball games must be played on the car park green area, not beside the caravans.

  • The use of bicycles and scooters are permitted on the Caravan Park, they must be used with care. Guests are responsible for their own bicycle /scooter security. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children using bicycles or scooters on the Park.

  • Mobility scooters are welcome, they must be used with care and owners are responsible for their security.

  • Mount’s Bay Caravan Park caters for couples, families and small groups of friends for holiday purposes only. Stag and hen parties are not permitted. We are not a residential park and do not offer long term lets or accommodation.

  • Any form of camping equipment that is intended for overnight use is not permitted.

  • BBQ’s are permitted. All disposable BBQ’s must be raised off the grass and disposed of safely.

  • It is not permitted to dry wet-suits within the caravan. Clothes-driers are provided for outside use only.

  • Only guests over 18 are permitted to use the self-service laundry room, charges apply.

  • We reserve the right to enter your caravan for maintenance purposes, under special circumstances or in the event of an emergency

  • Breakages, damage and/or excessive cleaning or unnecessary blockages will be invoiced at the cost and time incurred. 

  • Caravans are let on a self catering basis. Reasonable assistance is offered at the managements discretion. Contact telephone numbers are displayed for emergency. 



  • Mount’s Bay Caravan Park has its own private adjacent car- park it is free of charge and for our guests use only. We are unable to provide parking beside the caravans.

  • On arrival day guests are permitted to drive their vehicle to the caravan to unload. You are then required to keep your vehicle within our private car- park for the remainder of your stay.

  • You may also drive to your caravan on the day of departure to reload your vehicle.

  • Mount’s Bay Caravan Park accepts no liability for any damage/theft to any vehicle or its contents when using the car- park or whilst on the Park.

  • For cars with a blue badge holder we will endeavour to provide a parking space closer to the caravans (not beside) within a parking bay outside of Reception. However this is limited to only 2 spaces and due to its limited availability must be arranged at the time of booking, not on arrival.

  • Any vehicle on the Caravan Park must obey a strict 5 mph speed limit and be aware that other guests, particularly children may not be expecting a vehicle to be on the park.

  • During the peak season parking permits may be used. They are to be clearly displayed for the duration of your holiday and returned to Reception on departure (you will be advised on check in).

  • Guest’s visitors are allowed to use the car- park with our permission.




  • If we have to cancel your holiday or part of your holiday due to an event reasonably beyond our control at the caravan park, we are only liable for any sums already paid on the balance of your holiday and no further compensation will be offered.

  • If you need to cancel your holiday, or even part of your holiday with us please notify us immediately.

  • Holiday balances are non-refundable, unless  you have opted & paid for Mount’s Bay Caravan Park Holiday Cancellation Plan and our full  Holiday Cancellation Plan Terms and conditions have been met.

  • Other independent cancellations plans are available.



Mount’s Bay Caravan Park Holiday Cancellation Plan Summary:

Our limited Holiday Cancellation Plan may cover you if any guest listed on your booking form suffers from an exceptional circumstance that then requires an unforeseen holiday cancellation. It is an optional extra we offer to guests at the initial time of booking. We charge a non-refundable £50 per week for our Holiday Cancellation Plan; it must be opted for and paid for at the time of booking with the booking deposit, it is not available once a booking receipt has been issued. When this option is taken it is then in effect from the time of booking up until 10 days prior to your arrival. An exceptional circumstance would be a serious illness or injury, bereavement or redundancy. This Holiday Cancellation Plan only covers holiday cancellation and requires proof of the aforementioned circumstances. Our Holiday Cancellation Plan is not health insurance of any kind. Mount’s Bay Caravan Park advises all guests to arrange their own health insurance and legal cover for any loss/damage of personal possessions or for any medical reasons/personal injury during your stay. Booking deposits and our Holiday Cancellations Plan fees are always non-refundable. Full Mount’s Bay Caravan Park Holiday Cancellation Plan Terms and Conditions are listed below and should be read by any guest looking to take this optional extra.

Mount’s Bay Caravan Park, Holiday Cancellation plan - Full Terms and Conditions.


We strongly recommend taking out a holiday cancellation plan. We offer our own Mount’s Bay Caravan Park Holiday Cancellation Plan; it is optional and we charge a fee of a non-refundable £50 per week, per caravan booked. It covers your holiday balance for cancellations due to exceptional circumstances up to 10 days prior to your arrival. It only covers the balance, not the full sum paid.

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan must be opted for and paid for at the initial time of booking your holiday.

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan is paid for with the booking deposit.

  • Both the booking deposit (£100 per week, per caravan) and the Holiday Cancellation Plan (£50 per week, per caravan) are non-refundable.

  • The Holiday Cancellation plan cannot be requested once a booking receipt has been issued.

  • The booking receipt will confirm our acceptance of the Holiday Cancellation Plan being in effect

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan is in effect from the time of booking (confirmation on receipt) up until 10 days prior to your arrival. .

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan only covers those listed on the booking form.

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan is limited and covers exceptional circumstances only. Our exceptional circumstances are serious illness, injury, bereavement and redundancy.

  • Proof will be required to show that cancellation was unavoidable.

  • Acceptable proof would be a Doctor or hospital letter/certificate. A death certificate. A copy of redundancy notice.  

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan does not cover pregnancy or illness relating to pregnancy, minor illness or injury, breakdown of a relationship/marriage, poor or adverse weather conditions, sudden unavailability of own or public transport. The Holiday Cancellation Plan only covers any balance paid – less the booking deposit – less the holiday cancellation fee (plus any additional admin fee or preparation/work already carried out).

  • The booking deposit, Holiday Cancellation Plan charge and any admin fee will be retained by Mount’s Bay Caravan Park.

  • Notification of any cancellation and claim of the balance must be made without delay to Mount’s Bay Caravan Park. The booking receipt and proof must accompany your claim.

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan does not mean that a holiday can be delayed or re-organised for another time

  • Mount’s Bay Caravan Park strongly advises all guests to arrange their own separate health insurance and legal cover for any damage/loss of personal possessions or for any ill health or personal injury during your stay at Mount’ Bay Caravan Park.

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan is not in any way to be confused with health insurance.

  • Other independent holiday cancellations plans are available.

  • The Holiday Cancellation Plan does not provide any cover for the 10 days prior to your arrival, or when your holiday has started. In this instance any refund of balance would be at the Proprietor’s discretion.  


Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool and the Pool area is open daily from May Spring Bank Holiday till mid-September, weather permitting.



  • Pool opening times are 10am - 7pm Weekdays. Saturdays 5pm - 7pm. Sundays 11am - 5pm. 

  • All guests using the Swimming pool and swimming pool area are expected to abide by the terms and conditions of usage, the proprietors reserve the right to deny access to the swimming pool / pool area, if any guest fails to comply.

  • All guests using the swimming pool do so entirely at their own risk and are required to exercise extreme care when using the swimming pool / pool area.

  • Mount’s Bay Caravan Park and its proprietors accept no liability for any illness or injury resulting from use of the swimming pool or the swimming pool area.

  • Entry to the swimming Pool is via a dedicated key we offer to guests on arrival, usually during checking in at reception.

  • The adult who made the booking at Mounts Bay Caravan Park is responsible for ensuring their entire party abides with the terms and conditions that have been set.

  • Guests are not permitted to allow any visitors to use the swimming pool or swimming pool area.

  • The swimming pool key is non-transferable and must not be used by anyone under 18 years of age. Persons under 18 years of age are permitted to use the swimming pool only when accompanied by a supervising adult who shall be responsible for that person’s conduct and safety at all times. It is vital that the supervising adult is able to swim themselves unaided and should supervise no more than the following ratio:

  • Under 4: One child per supervising adult.4-7 years: two children per supervising adult.8-18 years: Three children per supervising adult.

  • Responsible, supervising adults must be at least 18 years of age and be able to swim at least 2 lengths unaided.

  • Any member of your party that is not a strong swimmer should also be accompanied by a supervising adult.

  • Avoid overcrowding, maximum 8 persons in swimming pool at any one time.

  • Always ensure that the gate is kept shut.

  • Avoid drinking the pool water.

  • Please make note of the depth markings.

  • No diving or jumping into the pool. No running around pool area.

  • No inflatables, surfboards or large toys. Only child/adult buoyancy aids will be permitted.

  • Glass and china is not permitted. Smoking is not permitted.

  • Alcohol is not permitted; do not swim if you have been drinking any alcohol.

  • Avoid swimming if you have or have had an upset tummy / diarrhoea within the last 2 weeks.

  • The swimming pool is not suitable for any person with reduced mobility.  If you are aware of any serious medical condition we recommend that you do not use the swimming pool.

  • The proprietors reserve the right to close the swimming pool for essential maintenance or during periods of bad weather.


We thank you for reading Mount’s Bay Caravan Parks terms and conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Last review completed - January 2024.

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View Our Accommodation
Frequently Asked Questions


 If you cannot find the answer to your query then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Do you take tents, motorhomes or camping?

We are purely a static caravan park only. We have no facilities or pitches for camping, tourers or motorhomes. There is an excellent campsite just around the corner from us, with facilities for camping, motor homes and tourers called ‘Dove Meadows’. Their number is 01736 710854, or search for their website online. Thank you.


Do you accept dogs / pets?

Sorry, we do not take any pets on the caravan park, or in any of our caravans. Assistance dogs are welcome but please inform us at the time of booking.


How many people can we have in our caravan? 

All of our accommodation will comfortably sleep 4 people; this number includes children and babies. Bookings are for up to 4 people as stated on the booking form and receipts but if some members of your party are arriving later in the week that is fine. If you have any queries, please contact us. Please note: All caravans have 1 main double bedroom and 1 twin bedroom, sleeping a total of 4. Please be aware that not all of our models have ‘roll out’ beds within the lounge area; nor do we provide any bedding for the roll out bed. If you do wish to use the lounge area for sleeping you are advised to contact us directly.


Are we allowed guests?  Are we allowed overnight guests?

Guests are allowed to have day visitors. Please be aware that visitors are not permitted to use the swimming pool or any of the parks facilities. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets into the caravans or park. 

Overnight guests: If you would like friends or family to join you for an overnight visit, this is permitted so long as their names are included on the booking form and the maximum occupancy does not exceed 4 persons.

Please note: All caravans have 1 main bedroom (double or king) and 1 twin bedroom, sleeping a total of 4. Please be aware that not all of our models have ‘roll out’ beds within the lounge area. If you wish to use the lounge area for sleeping you are advised to contact us directly.

Can we bring or hire a travel cot? Will a cot fit in the caravan?

Travel-cots can be hired from us or you are welcome to bring your own. None of our accommodation has bedrooms large enough to accommodate a standard size travel cot within the main bedroom. Travel-cots can be used within the lounge area of our larger models. Bed rails for toddlers and younger children are also available.


How do we make a booking?

If you wish to reserve a caravan, please follow the online booking process via our website. There is also a ‘contact us’ page on the website if you have a question. We will get back to you as soon as possible. At the time of booking all reservations are provisional until the booking deposit has been paid and receipted. We require a £100 non-refundable deposit, per caravan per week. If we do not receive a deposit within 72hrs of booking, the booking may be cancelled.


When is the Balance due?

The balance can be settled at any time but is due 10 weeks prior to your arrival date. The exact date will be on your confirmation email receipt. For holidays booked within 10 weeks of your arrival date, we require full payment at the time of booking.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept debit cards, bank transfers and online payments only. We no longer accept cheques or credit cards.

(We are a small family run business without dedicated office staff so if you do reach an answerphone message then please do leave a message in the first instance and someone will return your call) 


What time is check in?

Check in is from 5pm until 7pm on your arrival day. Please come to Reception to be checked in where you will be welcomed by Aidan or Lucy. If you arrive early you are welcome to use our private car park; from here it is a short flat walk into Marazion. If you need to drop off any luggage that is no problem as we can easily store it for you until check in time. If you are planning to arrive after 7pm please contact us so we can put our late check in procedure in place for you.  In line with our quiet hours policy we do not accept arrivals very late at night. If your holiday commences on a Saturday but you are wishing to arrive on the Sunday, for example, that should be no problem but please contact us directly and in advance if possible and we will be happy to advise you further.


What time is check out?

All caravans must be left clean and tidy and vacant no later than 9.30am on your departure day. You are welcome to use our car-park until 3pm.


Are you open all year?

     We are open at the from late April until October. We are closed over the winter.


Do you allow short breaks? Or breaks for 10 days?

 Please contact us if you wish to ask about booking a short break or 10 nights etc. All short breaks or breaks outside our normal Saturday to Saturday are always permitted at our discretion. From May until October we accept weekly bookings only and our arrival day is Saturday.


Do you allow Friday to Friday bookings? Is it always Saturday arrivals?

From mid- May until October our arrival day is Saturday and we only accept Saturday to Saturday bookings. If for example you wanted to arrive on the Sunday or Monday, this would need to be prearranged and we would still charge for the 7 nights. This condition doesn’t apply to the periods of time when we are quieter (the periods we accept short breaks) It is always advisable to contact us, and we will be happy to advise you.



What do I need to bring for my self-catering holiday? What is provided?

All caravans are equipped with a 32" TV with DVD, oven with grill and hob, microwave, kettle and toaster, fridge with ice box/freezer, cooking utensils, saucepans, frying pan, crockery, gas or electric fire to lounge area, outside dryer for washing. We also provide pillows, blankets and duvets. Some models have a TV within the main bedroom. Please see our accommodation page for specific details. Most of our TV’s have scart/HDMI sockets if you wanted to bring your own games console. We cannot guarantee this though and some models have wall-mounted TV’s. We do not supply any sheets, pillow or duvet covers. You are welcome to bring your own or hire it from us. We charge £12 per double or £10 single. Bed linen should be included on your booking form or arranged before arrival.  We do not supply any washing up liquid, soaps, towels, tea towels, or bath mats. Apologies but we do not hire any towels at present.


Where are the nearest supermarkets/ shops?

We do not have a shop on site but we do permit deliveries, please refer to next question. The nearest shop is within Marazion. It is a news- agents called ‘Cobble Corner’ and sells a selection of groceries. It is a short walk from the caravan park to Marazion, about 5 minutes away. There are 3 supermarkets within 2-4 miles of the Caravan Park


Can I get my grocery shopping delivered?

Yes, we do allow supermarket deliveries. You are welcome to order deliveries to the caravan park. However, please do not arrange any shopping to be delivered until after you have checked in. We cannot take delivery for you, or store it. Delivery shopping vans may not always be able to drive up to your caravan but instead may need to be dropped off outside reception. Please ensure they have your contact number.


Do we need a car? Could we use public transport?

If you are planning to travel to our Caravan Park by train or coach we are easily reached and we have a local bus stop less than a 100m from our lane. Penzance (3 miles away) has excellent travel links: a main bus/coach stop, train station, and taxi rank. From Penzance you can easily catch the bus or take a taxi to our Park. Once you have arrived at the Caravan Park you will find it is ideally situated for those wishing or needing to use public transport. We are conveniently located a short flat 5 minute walk from Marazion and all of its amenities. The Marazion bus stops will quickly take you back to Penzance with its ideal travel links you can get around Cornwall. The local bus stop also has a route going in the Falmouth direction. In the summer an open top bus called the ‘Atlantic Coaster’ is in service and goes to places like Porthcurno, St Ives and even Padstow via the scenic route. Cycle hire is available nearby and the there is an electric Beryl bike hire station just 400m down the road from us with it being a flat run along to Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole along mostly coastal scenery.


Can I park outside the caravan?

All vehicles are required to park within our private adjacent car-park for the entire duration of the holiday, for free. The exception is when you arrive - you can drive up to your caravan to unload and again on departure - you may drive up to your caravan to reload. We do not allow guest vehicles on the park outside of these times to ensure the park is quiet and safe for children.


Do you have disabled parking?

Guests with a blue badge are allowed to reserve a disabled parking space, outside of reception. These are limited to 2 spaces and will be an option during the booking process, if available.

Is the caravan park suitable for Guests with reduced mobility?

Please read our Accessibility Guide for a detailed description of the Caravan park, located in the website footer. 

When is the swimming pool open? Is it heated?

The outdoor heated swimming pool is open from May spring bank holiday to mid-September, weather permitting. Its opening hours are: 10am - 7pm Monday to Friday, 3pm - 5pm on Saturdays and 11am - 5pm on Sundays.

This is for our guests use only. Hours are often extended when the weather is warm. Please note that the swimming pool is unsupervised. Strict terms and conditions apply for everyone’s safety.


Can we bring our bikes/SUP/ kayaks/ trailer?

Yes, we highly recommend guests enjoy the bay by bike or kayak and we do have ample space by most (but not all) of our caravans for the above but cannot store such items indoors for you. If you are bringing a trailer we advise contacting us first. Items such as bikes and surfboards etc. must not be stored in the caravans. Please also remember when storing a trailer that vehicular access to the caravan is limited to arrival and departure day. Please note we cannot take responsibility for items stored on our premises. Bike/ebike  kayak/ SUP hire is available locally please refer to our links page.


Can we BBQ?

Yes, guests are allowed to BBQ. Please keep all BBQ’s off of the grass and not on the picnic tables please.


Do you allow smoking?

Smoking is strictly prohibited within any of our caravans, or reception, the park hut, laundry room or swimming pool. You may smoke outside of your caravan, so long as you are not directly in the doorway and cigarette ends are disposed of safely and within a bin. We will charge anyone who is caught smoking within our caravans or if we suspect someone has been smoking within our caravans. It is a fine of £250, for cleaning.


Do you have Wi-Fi?

No, we are really sorry but at present we do not have any Wi-Fi. We have investigated this through several providers over the years who started out confident and promising! It seems our superb location that sets us apart is our downfall when it comes to providing WiFi.  Many local cafes/pubs in Marazion do provide Wi-Fi if you wanted to use it there for the price of a coffee or pint of Cornish ale. We do have reasonable 4G reception for phones.

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